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Eric Boudreault was born in a small town called Alma in Canada. Growing up as an only child, he was taught how important values such as work, perseverance and determination are. If you want something, you must work for it.

Eric first discovered the drums when he was only three years old.  He became curious about music at an early age. He received his first drum kit at the age of five and joined a band at ten.

His positive energy and attitude paid off at an early age. Which gave him the confidence to knock at the doors of drum companies and music bands. The drums were more significant for him than just a back beat instrument. Boudreault was already creating new organic & original beats.

Eric appears in many different drum magazines and newspapers: Modern Drummer, Drums etc…, DRUM! & Many more.

In 1999, his first real chance of proving himself came up when he was selected to be part of the Yamaha Rising stars showcase at the Montreal Drum Fest. His talent was starting to be noticed by other drummers and by the music industry.

After graduated from Alma college of music in drums/percussions performances and from the Montreal Concordia University in Jazz drum set performances, the real word was opened for him. He has become one of the busiest international touring Canadian drummers with 18 years on the road and more than 6000 shows with different projects.

He quickly Joined Cavalia (equestrian show) for the creation of their first touring show. A brilliant music composed by Michel Cussons, the show performed across the USA and Canada for years. Eric ended his contract after four years of travelling and more than 700 shows. Eric was also part Odysseo by Cavalia second production since 2011 with more than 1700 shows in is pocket.

Despite the wild music industry and unpredictable salary, he managed to stay quiet and focused on his work. Concerned with his credibility on the market, he called drum companies for support and endorsement. He became one of the rare Quebec, Canadian drummers to be endorsed by Remo drumheads, Yamaha drums, Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Lp Percussions and DW (Drum Workshop) Pedals and Hardware.

In 2006, Inizio, first album of his jazz band Waza was released in stores. Featuring Alex Acuna, John Patitucci, John Beasley, Michel Donato and Ronal Di Lauro, the album is a blend of new & complex drum patterns. Waza was also invited to perform at the Montreal Jazz Fest in 2008 and at the NAMM Show in California in 2011.

Eric Boudreault has continued to give much of his time on different projects. In the previous years, the busy bee has been giving master classes across Canada, produced albums, in 2011 he was invited in Los Angeles for the Drum Channel Experience. Since then, he is part of the Internet Drum Channel Teacher going ther once a while. He is one of the main features of the 20th Montreal Drum Fest Anniversary in 2012. Eric played on many different Major Tv shows like: Jay Leno, KTLA Morning, E-talk,Today NBC news, FOX5 morning show Los Angeles, FOX San Diego, KGW Portland, Star king (South Korea), Dans universe…, Montreal-Quebec, Salut Bonjour, Musimax, Musique plus & Much music,  L.A. Morning, CityTv Toronto, CHCH tv and many others, just for name it a few…

In 2006, Eric was thrilled to start his drum company Battam Drum co. with the famous logo circle, triangle and square. He built a few drumsets and snares for drummers around Canada. In 2008, the name has change for Elements percussions and the company also did an add-on with a booking musicians management.

Eric started to work with the rock & roll circus Les Parfaits Inconnus in 2007 with more than 300 shows all around the world. In 2008, he joined the biggest percussions school in Canada Samajam with more than 400 shows and team building.

Since November 2012, you can get Eric’s drum book, DRUMMING LANGUAGE in stores and online. He is very proud of that accomplishment. The book was a long process and hard work. A second book is on the way for 2022, keep your eyes open.

For many years, teaching music has become a passion. Eric has taught in several school sectors (Primary School, High School, College and University all over Canada). Eric has taught more than 600 students in private lessons over the years.

He like to be part of the drummer community so that’s why he was the Spokesperson / Host and artistic director for the Quebec City (Province of Quebec, Canada, Drum festival), “Capitale Drumfest”, produced by” La Boite à Musiciens” editions 2014 & 2015. This opportunity has been an amazing contribution for the wolrd drumming communities and Canadian drummers’ community.

Beside of is drumming career, Eric also has a passion to produce artists, events, artistic direction, show concept and multiples artistic production aspect. He became the head of the musician’s casting department at Samajam Production 2016-2018. In 2019 he was touring for Cirque du Soleil on their shows Blue man group and from 2018 to 2023, he was part as a fly-in on many different Cirque du Soleil production such as: AXEL, Under the Same sky, Kooza, R.U.N. and XMAS. Eric was part of the new creation from Lune Rouge Entertainment (Guy Laliberté Cirque du Soleil Founder) in 2019, PY1 touring in North America in this new concept pyramid shape theater. he was a project manager of the new Cavalia concept show, illumi editions 2019 and 2020 in Laval, Canada. In 2021-2022, he was an artistic international project manager for Acmé Décors collaborating with companies such as: The 7 fingers, Cirque du Soleil, CBC, Supply & Demand, ONF, Just for laugh, Showsdt and many others….

In 2020, Eric received 3 music performances honorary degrees from CAM escuela de Música CDMX, Gmartel Universidad and El Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Mexico. Eric was the first drummer to give a masterclass in the Conservatorio a world renown and prestigious institution. Eric always wanted to share to the drummer community. we invite you to discover Eric new and original educative concept One minute or less Drum lessons”:

In 2023 Eric got a major gig to be the Drummer and Musical Director for a brand-new permanent show (”Karera”) in Guam US Territory with the Baldyga Group Entertainment at the Sandcastle Theater. This is a big new challenge for him with 300 to 500 shows schedule per year. This new production will be the biggest permanent show in Micronesia and Oceania.

Eric Boudreault is already part of the encyclopedia of the best drummers in the world, the Stick and Skins. Eric’s new project, Drumfills kafé, keep him connect to all is musicians’ friends from all around the world. He is the founder, artistic director and host of this concept webcast-podcast-online magazine. You can find more informations at

His success is not only the destiny, but the result of his self-titled effort and talent as a musician. He is an inspiration for his generation, and I truly invite you to do the same with your dreams.

When you play a musical piece, it is very important to play for the music. Your playing always need to respect the context of song.

Eric Boudreault

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