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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to work with Eric.

Drummer – Percussions player – Musical Director – Drum lessons (Online Teaching & In Person Teaching if available in your area) – Music Mentor – Music Business Coach – Project Management – Sound and recording project – Recording Studio Session – Drum clinics – Masterclasses – Artistic Director


Inquiries about Drumfills Kafé, please visite Drumfills Kafé web page: and/or

Inquiries about One minute or less Drum lessons:


To order and to have price information, please write to General information, thank you.

-Music Album: Eric Boudreault Dynarythmication 2001. (Discountinued)

-Music Album: inizio – Waza – Eric Boudreault & Sylvain Gagnon 2007. (Discountinued)

-Drum book: Eric Boudreault Drumming Language 2012 (Discountinued)

-Drum book: Utimate Drumming Language 2022

*UDL V.2 Paper version 20$ (US$) + shipping + handling fees

*UDL V.2 Data Booklet- PDF version 20$ (US$)

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